The Carbon-Constrained Business World is Coming. Shape Up.

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While there was some uncertainty over the status of cap and trade in California back in May, the largest State in the US is only months away from potentially adopting a hugely comprehensive cap and trade bill. Of course Tea Partiers will protest the creeping conspiracy to enforce an inhabitable planet on God-fearing patriots, but the fact is that climate science is not going away, and neither are the dire problems that it warns of. Carbon limitations of one form or another are likely to play a huge roll in the future of business.Jem Porcaro of The Carbon Neutral Company makes the case over at Renewable Energy World that companies all over the US now ignoring their own carbon footprints are storing up trouble for the future:

But what about the rest of country? Surely this need not concern other states and their local businesses. Yet time and again business, cultural and financial trends have followed the same pattern: what happens in California matters for the rest of the country. In the case of cap-and-trade, it's worth noting that California contains the largest U.S. state population, the largest U.S. state economy and represents one-eighth of the country's total GHG emissions. This has for decades made it the bellwether state for, among other indicators, national environmental regulation. Whether it's been regulating insecticides or controlling automotive emissions, California has long set the bar for environmental protection in the United States.

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