The Business of Green: The Supply Chain


The New York Times has an entire special section on The Business of Green. In one article, "For Suppliers, the Pressure Is On", Claudia Deutch calls it "Phase 3 of the greening of corporate America. Companies have turned to alternative energy, bought hybrid fleets and otherwise tried to clean up their own acts. Many have helped customers go green by stocking green products, selling carbon offsets along with airline tickets or offering electricity from renewable resources for those willing to pay extra." (really? who? how many?)

Phase 3 is "looking at their supply chain as the next frontier for combating climate change. "Carbon footprint is absolutely new territory." says a Herman Miller VP. ""We're not sure how we'll measure it, we're not sure how we'll deal with it, but we've told our suppliers, 'Get ready, because we're going to ask you a lot of questions.'"

She makes it sound like all of America operates like Herman Miller, if only it were so. Nonetheless some good examples of responsible corporate America at ::New York Times

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