The British Invasion: The Carbon Neutral Company in New York


We are bringing this news to you a little late, but we have just found out that the UK-based Carbon Neutral Company (owner of the no-doubt highly coveted web address) has cemented its presence in the States with the opening of a fully-staffed New York office and the appointment of a president, Mark Armitage, for its US arm. The corporation, which was formerly known as Future Forests, has hit the headlines of TreeHugger before when its offices were stormed by protesters objecting to the offset industry. Founded in 1997, the company has worked with a huge number of major corporate clients, offering both forestry- and technology-based offsets to the likes of Barclays Bank, Sky News, Avis, DHL and Honda. Armitage was adamant that his organization’s European roots would stand it in good stead to increase its presence in the US market:
Europe has traditionally been the market leader in carbon offsets and
climate consulting, but we have witnessed a dramatic increase in interest from U.S.
companies looking to identify commercially effective solutions that will enable them to
become carbon neutral. The U.S. market opportunity is tremendous and highly
addressable and we are eager to share our expertise with American companies looking
to reduce and offset their carbon footprints.

It’s becoming a standard disclaimer with carbon offset stories, but not all offsets are created equal. Check out our guide on How to Green Your Carbon Offsets for more details. ::The Carbon Neutral Company:: via site visit::

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