The Big Green Gathering Appeals for Help


While it may sometimes be a little too close that hippy aesthetic that TreeHugger tries hard to avoid, there is no doubt that the UK-based Big Green Gathering, Europe's largest green-themed festival, has been a huge influence for a lot of people seeking a more sustainable direction in their lives. From workshops on crafts, renewable energy, and sustainable gardening, to natural healing areas and solar-powered stages, the BGG has put on some very big, very green parties since its beginnings in the 1980s. It is with some concern, then, that we hear that the festival is in trouble. This year's event suffered a huge loss of £75,000 (approximately US$150,000), presumably not helped by the awful weather in the UK this summer and by massive increases in licensing costs. All of this comes on top of the £75,000 deficit from previous years. However, all is not lost yet — fans and supporters of the Gathering are, errrm, gathering together to raise the funds to let the party continue:

"Despite this desparate situation, we have not yet given up hope. We know we
have very many dedicated supporters, shareholders and Gathering participants
who will not want to see the BGG go under, and will do whatever they can to
help. We still have a £50,000 overdraft facility in place, and our guarantor
has promised to stand by us, so long as the remaining £100,000 can be
raised. Our office manager, Kerry, and book-keeper, May, are continuing to
work despite knowing that we may not be able to pay them. The board of
directors are doing everything they can to try and keep the company going,
and the following appeal is being sent to all our shareholders, staff and
customers. Together we can still save the BGG.

Donations may be sent by cheque to BGG, 10 St Johns Sq., Glastonbury BA6
9LJ, or made on line via the new donations page on our website. [Please note
that cheques are preferable, as on-line donations are subject to a 4.5%
processing fee and a 30-day delay.] Cheques will not be banked unless and
until the directors consider that sufficient has been received to give us a
realistic chance of avoiding bankruptcy. Pledges of large amounts, whether as donations or loans, should be sent by email to kerry@big-green- gathering. com, as should any other ideas or suggestions for rescuing the situation."

We wish the Big Green Gathering luck, and hope to see it return to its regular spot on the summer calendar next year. ::Big Green Gathering::via site visit::