The Best Protection Against Global Warming is Better Hurricane Insurance, says CEI

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Katrina Beats it off the Line

CEI, otherwise known as Competitive Enterprise Institute, has taken a bold stance against global warming and is recommending better risk-based insurance, stronger buildings, and improved methods of land use, over that of government restrictions on greenhouse gases...The author of the report, Daniel Sutter, a professor at the University of Texas Pan-American, states that by no means does the increase in reported hurricane damage signify human-caused global warming. Instead, it simply represents the growing population of folks living among high risk areas with poorly built homes.

Sutter writes:

Existing public policies-including insurance regulation, government-subsidized flood insurance, improper mitigation, and faulty building code enforcement-contribute to unnecessarily risky and inefficient development along coastal areas by shifting the cost of hurricane damage ultimately onto third parties-mainly taxpayers.

So in other words, everything is just fine folks. We are still on a one way collision course to happy land which includes warmer winters, more beach front property, and eating Smores by the campfire without worrying about burning down trees or being visited by a hungry grizzly bear. Ain't life grand!

The full report, "Hurricane Damage and Global Warming: How Bad Could It Get and What Can We Do About It Today?" is available at

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