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It is apparent that fears of overcapacity in the ethanol sector are worsening, stalling the progress of major US ethanol players such as Aventine Renewable Energy, VeraSun, and US Bioenerg. An April 27 report issued by Lehman Brothers indicated that supply could start to outstrip demand as early as 2H07. And without a strong infrastructure to pipe the ethanol to the required destinations, the supply build-up will only continue.

The Evergreen Solar stock price has done nothing over the last few months, unlike many of its peers in the solar sector. ESLR's trump card technology - the ability to use less polysilicon to make solar cells - could become less valuable if the polysilicon supply problems are eventually solved, but up until this week there has been nothing to get us excited about this stock. However, in a recent interview in Barrons, Shawn Kravetz, the founder and president of Esplanade Capital, talks excitedly about ESLR's String Ribbon wafer technology and ESLR's possibility of becoming a technology-licensing company.In a climate where rising gas prices have many Americans on edge, the Republican candidates for office are dressing down one of their traditional supporters: Big Oil. While the rhetoric is likely to do nothing to dampen Big Oil earnings, and it won't change Americans' oil consumption behaviors, it is likely to help Republican candidates distance themselves from an unpopular administration known for its ties to Big Oil.

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