The Best of GOOD: Re-Reconsidering the Lobster, the Green Job Boom, and the Most Bike-Loving Cities


Just in: this dispatch from our counterparts at one of our favorite sites. GOODy!

We kicked off the week with the second half of our discussion of design and branding in social ventures (yep, it's that important, it needs two parts). The main takeaway: know your audience, or all the good design in the world won't help you.

We followed that with a look at a new online sharing organization in Los Angeles. It's like Craigslist meets Free Cycle, but with better presentation (and more credibility). They plan to expand to other test markets soon.We also differentiated fact from fiction in data visualization, celebrated the most bike-loving cities in the country, and feasted our eyes on some children's-lit-inspired street art.

We opined on how climate action could better legitimize Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, reconsidered the lobster (in term of sustainability, twice), and imagined what the green job boom might look like.

We also decided that we don't need sci-fi missile defense systems (or films), we might not need yogurt, but we will always need cultural-zeitgeist-defining punctuation marks.

Remember to save the date of October 24, when Alissa Walker will lead a walking tour of New York's High Line park. And do keep pouring over our roll-out of GOOD 100 entries. They are a pretty classy bunch.

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