The Best of GOOD: Foodiots, CEO Compensation, and Branding for Social Ventures


This week, we learned about a teenager in rural Africa who taught himself engineering and figured out who to generate electricity from a homemade windmill.

Ever wondered if your cheesy pizza boxes can really be recycled? What about the top to your shampoo bottles? We enlisted an expert to answer your nagging recycling questions, and dispelled some common blue bin myths in the process.Are you a foodiot? So asked food columnist Peter Smith as he gave us a guided tour of the online world of food obsessives who document their every gastronomic experience.

The latest installment of our Urban Renaissance column further explored the ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, MI (we'd touched on it before) to see what lessons could be learned for building better cities.

Exciting news! We crowned a winner in our CEO compensation infographic contest. We had numerous impressive entries, but congratulations go to Dee Adams, who will take home the prize. Even more exciting: Dee announced she's donating her winnings to charity.

And finally, we learned about the importance of good design and branding in running any business, even if yours happens to be socially motivated.

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