The Best of GOOD: A Reading List for Social Entrepreneurs, Celebrating Van Jones's Departure, Which Countries Eat the Most Meat


Each week, our GOOD friends will be offering up some of the best of their site on TreeHugger ... starting now!

Our intrepid business columnist Joe Ippolito recommends reading as much as you possibly can, and offers a suggested online reading list for aspiring entrepreneurs in the social venture space.Anne Trubek celebrates the unsung heroes of good writing: good editors, of course. In these uncertain times for writers of all stripes--and the tremendous amount of writing that new technology has enabled--good editing is as important as ever.

Environmental writer Ben Jervey tries to find the silver lining in Van Jones's untimely departure from the administration, and argues that maybe we're better served having him back in the private sector after all.

Ever wondered which countries eat the most meat? Wonder no more: we've got you covered with our latest Transparency, "Let them Eat Meat!"

You've never seen fast food look as haunting as when it's put in front of the lens of photographer Jon Feinstein. He explores our relationship with this peculiar type of food in our latest Picture Show.

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, discusses why the culture of sharing on the internet is like the return of folk culture.

Our correspondent at the Gov 2.0 summit in Washington last week explores the roll designers will play in creating new ways for citizens to interact with their government.