The Best of Fast Company: The Farmer's Market of the Future, a Solar Ear for the Deaf, and a New Use for Old Telephone Booths


The neighborhood farmer's market reimagined as a food truck, a cheap solar-powered hearing aid for developing countries, telephone booths repurposed into electric vehicle charging stations, and sexy boxed drinks, all this week at Fast Company.

Farmer's markets remain entrenched in middle and upper class communities. Farm on Wheels, the winner of the Redesign Your Farmer's Market competition, aims to change that by literally trucking in local fruits and vegetables to under-served populations.

Hearing aids have traditionally been too expensive for deaf citizens of developing countries. Not anymore, thanks to Howard Weinstein's Solar Ear, a sub-$100 solar-powered hearing aid that comes with $1 rechargeable batteries.

Few people use telephone booths anymore. At the same time, demand for electric vehicle charging stations is expected to surge in the coming years. Madrid, Spain's solution? Converting old phone booths into retrofitted EV charging spots.

Drinks packaged in cartons save both cash and landfill space. That's why Tetra Pak, a boxed packaging company, is trying to market everything from boxed wine to boxed water as being sexy.

Fast Company sets the agenda, charting the evolution of business through a unique focus on the most creative individuals sparking change in the marketplace.

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