The Best of Fast Company: SocialCycling, Wal-Mart's Sustainable Pizza Box, and GMO Soybeans Get Healthy


This week at Fast Company, we looked at an upcycling service for unrecyclable items, Wal-Mart's small strides towards big advances in sustainability, Monsanto's fish oil-filled soybeans, and the future of virtual doctor care.

DMD Green's new SocialCyclng service is like a Craigslist for unrecyclable items, taking things like PVC scrap and giving it to artisans who can turn it into lining for backpacks. It's a commonsense service, so why don't we see it in every major city?

Wal-Mart is thinking big with its planned supply chain sustainability index, but the company has been working on smaller items--like the deli pizza box--for a long time. And these small strides have made a major impact.

Monsanto is demonized for shilling GMO foods, but could it be that the biggest of the Big-Ag vendors is finally doing something right with fish oil-filled soybeans?

Are virtual doctor visits the future of healthcare for the elderly? Probably, if Intel has anything to say about it.

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