The Best of Fast Company: Ethical Halloween Candy, Bunnies for Biofuel, and a Twitter Taxi


This week at Fast Company, we looked at the most sustainable Halloween candy, whether it makes sense to burn rabbits for biofuel, Green Tomato Cars' Twitter taxi service, and 6 ways Google has greened its main campus.

Want to steer your kids clear of Twix, Snickers, and Mars Bars? Check out this list of the four most sustainable brands of candy, courtesy of Greenopia.

Stray rabbits are eating crops in Stockholm parks, so rabbit hunters have taken it upon themselves to kill the bunnies and ship them off to be turned into biofuel. Is this wrong--even if the rabbits are invasive pests?

Green Tomato Cars has made waves in the past for its fleet of regular and plug-in Prius's. Now the London cab company is hitting the headlines once again thanks to its "twooking" service, which allows riders to book a taxi via Twitter.

Sure, Google invests millions in renewable energy startups, but what is the search engine giant doing to green itself? We take a look at 6 ways Google has greened its main campus.

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