The Best of Fast Company: China Dominates Texas Wind Power, Plastic Made Out of Algae, and the Future of Trucking


This week at Fast Company, we looked at China's entry into the Texas wind power industry, Cereplast's plastic made out of algae, the long-term future of trucking, and a proposal to build floating cities in the Netherlands.

T. Boone Pickens scrapped his massive wind power project in Texas. Now China has come in to pick up the pieces with a 240-turbine wind farm in the state.

Algae is one of the hottest new biofuels, but the slimy substance has many other uses. One of the most promising is a sustainable bioplastic developed by Cereplast, a company that already produces plastic from corn, potatoes, tapioca, and wheat.

The trucking industry isn't known for its sustainability. If it wants to survive, the industry will have to start using high-tech telematics solutions along with more energy-efficient trucks. IBM has the scoop.

DeltaSync wants to build a floating city in the Netherlands made out of foam blocks and concrete . It's a sensible adaptation to rising water levels, but is it fair to marine life?

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