The Best of Fast Company: BP's Bid to Move Beyond Petroleum, Growing Algae in Abandoned Mines, and a Green Makeover for the Humvee

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This week at Fast Company, we looked at BP's move into next-generation biofuels, a plan to grow algae quickly and efficiently in abandoned mines, EnerDel's hybrid makeover of the Humvee, and the world's tallest green building.

BP has long used the tagline "Beyond Petroleum." Now that the oil company is betting big on cellulosic ethanol, could it finally be moving past the slick stuff?

Traditionally, algae for biofuels is grown in sunlight. But a group of researchers from the Missouri University of Science and Technology think that the most efficient way to grow algae might be in the dark, cold depths of abandoned mines.

The Army's Humvee vehicle is clunky and energy-intensive, but that hasn't stopped lithium-ion maker EnerDel from giving the vehicle a $1.29 million makeover.

Want to take a trip to the world's tallest green building? Look no further than Taipei 101, a 101-story skyscraper in Taiwan that is gunning for a LEED Gold rating.

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