The Best of Fast Company: A Hotel-Like Homeless Hostel, KFC Gets a Kind Makeover, and Swine Flu Tracking Comes to the iPhone

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This week at Fast Company, we profiled a swanky homeless hostel, pondered the transformation of a KFC into a marijuana dispensary, watched as swine flu hysteria spread to the iPhone, and examined an initiative to dole out well water with cell phone banking technology.

Homeless hostels aren't usually known for their classy accommodations, but the Spring Gardens Center in London offers up a communal garden, a library, and even DJing classes as part of a plan to breed independence.

Instead of gutting an abandoned KFC and building a new structure, the Kind for Cures marijuana dispensary decided to take the original KFC facade and run with it.

Worried about impending swine flu outbreaks? The Outbreaks Near Me iPhone app either soothes or feeds your fears, depending on how you look at it.

Lest anyone forget that water is like liquid gold in many parts of Africa, Kenya's M-PESA system acts as a well water gatekeeper with its credit-filled cell phone smart cards.

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