The Best of Fast Company: A Distorted View of Climate Change, Ultra-Fortified Rice, and a Test Drive of the Wheego Whip


This week at Fast Company, we looked at an unsuccessful attempt to champion global warming, talked to the people behind PATH's fortified rice for developing countries, took a spin in the Wheego Whip EV, and evaluated Newsweek's green company rankings.

CO2 is Green, an initiative backed by oil and coal execs, makes the case that global warming is a good thing. The public isn't exactly buying it.

PATH's Ultra Rice, a recent Tech Awards laureate, is a micronutrient rice-shaped delivery system stuffed with vitamins and minerals. The rice is already licensed to producers in Brazil, Columbia, and India.

Want to see the much-hyped Wheego Whip low-speed EV up close? We've got your pictures right here.

Newsweek's attempt to rank America's largest 500 companies in order of sustainability was a herculean task, to say the least. But did it succeed?

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