The Best and Worst News for the Planet Since the Last Earth Day

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Between Obama reinvigorating environmental policy in the US to the year-long run up and sudden fizz-out of climate talks Copenhagen, it's been a long, strange ride for the planet since last Earth Day. I have a piece in Salon today that documents the 5 best -- and 5 worst -- environmental developments that played out during that time. Here's the best and worst news the planet earth got last year . . .From my intro:

As far as the environment is concerned, the past year will bear two mantles above all: the Year of Obama and the Year of Copenhagen. Greens cheered as the Obama administration threw U.S. environmental policy into a near-180: A vigorous EPA halted plans for dirty coal mines, administrators and legislators moved to regulate greenhouse gases, Obama set a tough fuel economy standard to 35.5 mpg by 2016, and clean energy got its biggest-ever funding boost from the stimulus bill. The specter of Bush's environmental policy -- if you could venture to call it that -- was chased from the rafters.

And then, of course, there was Copenhagen . . .

My picks for the best news the earth received included the EPA finding that greenhouse gases were a harmful pollutant and the emergence of high speed rail as a transportation solution.

The worst included Glenn Back getting Van Jones sacked and everyone's favorite non-scandal, the reliably infuriating ClimateGate.

Click through to the Best and Worst News for the Earth for the rest, and drop me a comment below about what I might have left out (it was a kind of big year for Earth . . .).

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