The "Sliding House" Features an Exterior Skin for All Seasons

dRMM Architecture, situated in London, England, has built a number of fascinating home designs over their existence, but one of the most functionally eco-interesting would have to be their Sliding House. At first glance it looks like your typical European barn-style home with a 45 degree lean-to roof, but upon watching it over the course of a day, you would notice it actually changes shape, form, and consistency to match just about any season, weather pattern, or time of day.Integrating sliding or gliding features into architectural design is nothing new really, this has been showcased in a number of homes featured here on Treehugger. One of my favorites is the Accordion House, which is actually capable of opening and closing its square footage, thus giving the homeowners the choice of enjoying the homes maximum square feet, or shrinking it to make the most of its size to heat/cool ratio.

The Sliding House, is quite similar to the Accordion, although instead of altering square area, the home transforms between a glass and a solid exterior. The result is a home that can take full advantage of the sunlight and its warmth, or close itself off, allowing maximum protection from the elements. This is accomplished by simply sliding an exterior timber shell over top the inner glass portion. The sliding of the walls and roof is accomplished by a track system with wheels and four tiny electric motors connected to standard 12-volt car batteries. The entire transformation (open to closed) takes about 6 minutes.

Enjoy the video demonstration!

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