The American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment: It's Launched!


TreeHugger loves it when colleges, universities, and other educational institutions get on board to help further the environmental movement; after all, the children are our future (thank you, Whitney Houston) and the more we can inform our future leaders, the better, so it's great to see the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment (APUPCC) successfully complete the Climate Leadership Summit a few weeks back (we've mentioned it before, a couple of times). On June 11-12, 2007, the leaders of nearly 70 colleges and universities gathered in Washington, DC for the public launch of the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment, a high visibility effort to make campuses more sustainable by garnering institutional commitments to reduce and ultimately neutralize greenhouse gas emissions (full disclosure: Bob Perkowitz, the President and Founder of EcoAmerica, which is one of the supporting organizations of the ACUPCC, is on TreeHugger's Board of Advisors).Included in the event were an inaugural dinner, Congressional meetings, a press conference, and panel discussions for presidents to share their own best practices; these events were attended by climate scientist James Hansen, Senator John Kerry, Senator Bernie Sanders, Representative Jay Inslee and EPA Administrator Steve Johnson. The ultimate goal of the Commitment is to catalyze a broad, continuous higher education effort on climate change that serves as a model for other sector-wide collaborations and shows policymakers and other institutions that action now is possible and positive, and it seems to be working; to date, there have been 302 presidents and chancellors that signed on as Charter Signatories. This is but the tip of the iceberg, though; they hope to have over 1,000 signed on by December, 2009. Is your college or alma matter on board? Lots more to see and learn at the ACUPCC site. ::American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment via ::EcoAmerica