The 2011 Spanish Revolution; How Protesters Organise Themselves to Be Green (Photos)

yeswecamp environmental committee photo

Photo Credit: Sergio Carratalá

The Indignados (or "Outraged") have been camping in over 60 Spanish cities for almost 10 days now. What started on the 15th of May (hence the tag #15-M) via social networks has become some of the biggest and most peaceful demonstrations in recent Spain, known as the 2011 Spanish Revolution. The indignation is against the current political situation ; the young (and not so young) Spaniards together with residents from Spain demand ¡Democracia Real Ya! (a real democracy right now!). What I would like to get into here is the amazing organisation of the different acampadas (camp sites) in Madrid, Barcelona and other cities, and how they have created, amongst others, environmental committees to reduce the eco footprint of their activity during these weeks. Solar Power to the People

yeswecamp solar panels at the spanish revolution photo

Image Credit: Renovables Verdes

In Madrid at the Plaza del Sol, the main hub of the #SpanishRevolution, the Indignados have installed solar panels to run their laptops, iPads, mobile phones and other necessities from; all crucial equipment for a movement that is directed via the internet. And a few solar ovens are helping to prepare food.

Concerns for the Planet via Twitter

yeswecamp twitter sersostenible photo

In order for the different camps to share their information about how to be more eco-friendly, the hash tag #sersostenible (besustainable) has been created. This helps first of all to raise awareness, but also to find practical solutions from finding local food in every city, to discussing Monsanto and closing nuclear power plants.

Waste not, want not

yeswecamp recycling photo

Image Credit: Pablo Picaza (via Facebook)

The different camps have set up recycling system to make sure any waste gets properly collected and recycled, anything from organic waste to plastic, tins, glass and paper. After all the camps are temporary and should set an example of how to be active together without leaving anything behind but positive energy.

Urban Vegetable Gardens

yeswecamp urban vegetable garden plaza catalunya photo

Photo Credit: Silvia Cobo

In Barcelona, the "campers" have created urban vegetable gardens! One has to say that the plants in the public square suffered a little due to the thousands of people who came to protest and ended up fitting into the Plaza Cataluña as best as they could. So a few days ago, the young demonstrators decided to turn whatever useful soil into urban vegetable gardens, planting tomatoes and beans.

yeswecamp urban vegetable garden Barcelona photo

Photo Credit: Sergio Carratalá

For more information in English about the 15-M movement, please visit Wikipedia/2011_Spanish_Protests, or if you speak Spanish, check out the different web sites for Madrid, Barcelona and other cities of #yeswecamp.

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