The 2009 Anti-Green Awards: The Worst Car, House, Building, Celebrity, Company, Country, and U.S. City...

Worst Anti-Green Company

Photo via: Richard E. Freeman

And the award goes to... General Motors

The father of the recently deceased Hummer has had a long-standing history of being one of the most anti-environmental companies in U.S. History. Ex-GM Honcho, Bob Lutz, said it best, “I accept that the planet is heated, but I, like many noted scientists, don’t believe in the CO2 theory—global warming is the result of sun spots.” In 2007, the Union of Concerned Scientists ranked GM as the second worst polluter of all the major U.S. car manufacturers, having been squeezed out by Chrysler, despite all their anti-greening efforts. Not satisfied with only having received second place, GM jumped back on the horse that same year and produced the most vehicles with an abysmal 15 mpg of any other manufacture in the world. They were able to hold onto that record for two years, and if their lack of consumer support hadn't knocked them out of the game, they might have been able to break some sort of anti-treehugger record!

Worst Anti-Green Country

Photo via: Rastfabi

And the award goes to... Kabul, Afghanistan

Let's take a moment of silence to view this photo, as I think that it says more than I ever could ever... To give you an idea of how much pollution is in Kabul, Afghanistan, the U.S. EPA's national air quality standard for nitrogen oxide (N02) is 0.053 ppm (parts per million), while Kabul experiences 52 ppm of N02 on any given day. Over 3,000 people die each year (4% of the population) just from the air alone, according to the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), which is why the country has been designated as an environmental protection emergency. Most of the pollution can be attributed to substandard fuel, prehistoric vehicles, and deforestation.

Worst Anti-Green U.S. City

Photo via: Dave Parker

And the award goes to... Bakersfield, California (home of the black lung)

Each year the American Lung Association gives out its own shame awards for the worst polluted areas of the United States. Bakersfield, California has been one of the top polluters for three years straight, and this year they receive the number one honors. While some may prefer to blame Arnold Schwarzenegger and his hummer for the brunt of the problem, Southern California is hit at all angles when it comes to pollution. We're talking Farming equipment/machinery, Interstates and highways up the yin-yang, bumper to bumper traffic, big rig trucks, industry o-plenty, and oil processing. Those who live there enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets (caused by the thick smog), but in return they receive a shortened lifespan and more medical bills than Evel Knievel himself could rack up in a lifetime.

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