The 2007 Earth Day Climate: Something Has Changed

With only weeks to go before Earth Day April 22, 2007, the profile of the now 37 year-old event seems subdued compared to the Earth Days of decades ago. As the years passed, imagery associated with it increasingly included 'cute concoctions of kids holding hands or hugging the earth': nothing political or revolutionary. The years of corporate PR alignment made it seem archaic, an easily spun hippie-like custom that few took seriously in a political context. TIme for Earth Day to be re-branded as an event that helps citizens improve things at home, as something that's sexy and lifestyle oriented, something that politicians will want to be associated with. It will be most interesting to see if US presidential candidates of either party will include Earth Day 2007 in their public relations statements. What are your thoughts? See more Earth Day 2007 posts here, and here, and here.