Thanks to Gas Prices, Sales of Manual and Electric Lawnmowers Are Up

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Sales of Manual and Electric Lawnmowers are Up
We've already seen so many impacts of high gas prices: for instance, Americans driving less, purchasing more efficient cars and running out of gas more often. Well, we can add yet another impact to what is sure to become a growing list: sales of manual and electric lawnmowers are up, with some manufacturers reporting 60-70 percent increases in sales over last year. Of course, gas prices aren't the only factor behind the trend: concerns about noise and air pollution from gas mowers, as well as the higher cost of gas mowers relative to manual mowers, are also important. Still, gas prices are going to have to stay high for quite a while before sales of electric and manual mowers catch up to sales of gas mowers. In fact, sales of electric and manual mowers reach slightly more than half a million a year, while the traditional gas mower enjoys sales of 6 million units annually. These figures beg the question: why are gas mowers so popular, anyway? After all, they are noisy, smelly and expensive to operate, and we recently explored how addicting and fun reel mowers can be. So not only are there lots of alternatives to gas mowers, there are also numerous alternatives to lawns themselves. See more examples of both after the foldLooking at Alternatives to Lawns
Now that people are moving away from gas mowers, maybe we'll see more people replacing their lawns with gardens. Not only would that obviate the need for a mower, it would save a tremendous amount of water, increase local food production and encourage people to spend more time outdoors.

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