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BBC Green: Fashion victim? by Annie Kelly
"What is the true cost of our obsession with cheap fashion? Annie Kelly reveals how high street retailers are able to sell their clothes at rock bottom prices. Fashion has never been so cheap or disposable - ten years ago we all wanted to wear Prada, now Primark is pushing our fashion buttons."

EcoWorldly: Solar Energy for 85 Rural Schools in Argentina by Martín Cagliani
"In Argentina there are a lot of rural schools without electricity. Now, the provincial minister of education from Corrientes, has invested 2 million dollars in a program to bring solar power to those schools. This program is part of a national attempt to eradicate the absence of electricity in the remote areas off Argentina."Inhabitat: VIDEO - Portable Renewable Energy by Jill Fehrenbacher
"Ever wished you could charge your cell phones and laptop on the go - in your car, on a train, or just walking around? There are many new gadgets for mobile renewable energy: from solar gadget chargers, to kinetic energy chargers, to mini portable wind turbines. Check out this video to learn a bit more about some of the companies behind the most future-forward new mobile renewable energy devices."

The Daily Green: Greener St. Patrick's Day Recipes by Annie Bell Muzaurieta
"The Irish are lucky people: their country's endless green pastures translate into grass-fed beef, stand-out artisan cheeses, and creamy butter. In addition, the slow food and local food movements are gaining recognition in Ireland. This St. Patrick's Day, shun the stereotypical plate of corned beef and cabbage (and the bad jokes about Irish cuisine), and try one of these traditional Irish dishes made with organic or locally sourced ingredients."

The Expatriate's Kitchen: Carnival of the Green #118 by The Expatriate Chef
"The eco-tour continues from where we left off at Confessions of a Closet Environmentalist. If you are looking to catch up on all things green, this is the right stop."

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