TH Blog Love - Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Eco Street: Think on your feet
by Tracy Stokes
"Until the end of May 2008, TERRA PLANA, the people who make recycled and ethical shoes, will give you a £10 discount on a pair of their gorgeous shoes if you bring in an old pair of unwanted shoes, any brand, to their Covent Garden or London Bridge stores for recycling. 330 million pairs of shoes go into landfill each year, so here’s your chance to do something about it."

Eco Worrier: How to Make a Morsbag
by Anna Shepard
"At Last weekend’s Barbican Eco Aware event, in London.. of all the stalls pushing biodegradable crockery and organic vegetables, the one that stole the show was offering punters the chance to make up their own Morsbag, a material alternative to a plastic bag."The Evangelical Ecologist: Carnival of the Green #127 by Don Bosch
"Yesterday was a blast. A bit cool but very sunny. We had a great time taking the Eco-Wife* out for Mother’s Day. So in that same spirit of great fun that lasts about as long as a bag of cotton candy once a busy Monday starts, here’s a quick rundown of your posts from this week. Enjoy them, visit some links, have a few high-fives, and then get back to work!…"

Haute*Nature: Plastic Beach Junk Art: Fran Crowe
by h
"Plastic trash from Suffolk beaches exhibited by artist Fran Crowe at A Fly in the Face. She vowed to save one square mile of ocean for a year by collecting 46000 pieces of litter walking on the beaches near her home... Crowe raised nearly $2000 for the Marine Conservation Society through sponsorship and sale of her unique seaside ‘souvenirs’."

The Goode Life: The Race for President: Who's Green? by Arcadia Maximo
"Although our country is divided up into red and blue, I'm really concerned with whose green. I wrote an extensive article on the candidates and where they stand on environmental issues. Obviously we are down to the top three contenders, Hilary and Obama for the Democrats and John for the Republicans. So I will give you a brief synopsis of the three."