TH Arch Enemy: B.C. Tree Killer Faces Justice

If Treehugger had an arch enemy, it would probably look a lot like this woman. Known as the B.C. Tree Killer, this interior designer poisoned trees on the edge of Vancouver's beloved Stanley Park to improve her waterfront view. "Matheson admitted to poisoning trees in front of her expensive, third-floor condominium, which were blocking her scenic view near Stanley Park. In the spring of 2004, staff from Vancouver's park board found holes drilled in the base of five trees, including a maple, chestnut, oak and two London planes. Three trees have died." The public outrage was so great that some people went as far as to throw rocks, eggs and even bags of dog feces at her apartment balcony. "The resulting attention and harassment forced her to sell the two things she loved most, her apartment and her business," said the judge. Matheson has already written two cheques to the Vancouver Parks Board, one covering the almost $30,000 cost of replacing the trees and the other as a $20,000 donation. The moral of this story? Don't screw with trees in Vancouver. ::Notorious B.C. tree killer in court