Texting for Offsets

We've taken note of the wide range of businesses and organizations offering carbon offsets to consumers, but a new program by the UK's World Land Trust may well qualify as the most convenient (for residents of Britain, anyway): send a text message for an offset. According to the project's web site:
The WLT has set up a text message CO2 offset service, so now you can offset the carbon dioxide emissions that you are responsible for on the move, with your mobile phone.

Every time you text 'WLT CARBON' to 87050* you will offset 140kgs of CO2 with the World Land Trust's Carbon Balanced Programme.

Each message sent to the program costs £1.50 + standard network charges. WLT will create offsets through rainforest restoration projects in Ecuador, Belize and India. They've created a list of activities that would produce 140 kgs of CO2, and also provide a range of carbon footprint calculators. :: The Observer via Springwise