Texas Takes Aim at EPA Regulating CO2 as Pollutant - Files Petition in Court of Appeals

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photo: Chelsea Oakes via flickr.

Here's another group opposed to the EPA calling CO2 a danger to human health and potentially regulating it under the Clean Air Act. The US Chamber of Commerce has come out against it (big surprise), and now Reuters reports that the state of Texas has tossed its ten gallon carbon emitting hat into the ring:The state has filed a petition to review the so-called 'endangerment finding' with the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit because, to paraphrase Texas governor Rick Perry, Texas' big polluters are going to have to change their ways, that is going to cost them, and potentially lose jobs.

Governor Perry called the EPA finding "misguided" and that it "paints a big target" on the backs of Texas energy producers.

Putting a Target on the Back of Polluters is a Good Thing
The Governor isn't wrong in thinking this. Setting a price on carbon, regulating it through the Clean Air Act or otherwise, does paint a target on the back of polluters. Indeed, that is the very intent of it. It is designed to make polluters clean up their act and transform the way the United States generates its electricity and power supply more broadly. Texas and other states heavily dependent on fossil fuel and chemical manufacturing will certainly have to adapt. This is a good thing in the long term, even if it means growing pains in the short term.

Environmental Issues Gunning For Us All
Not to mention that the Governor doesn't seem to realize that the nexus of environmental problems we're now facing--climate change, declining fossil fuels, biodiversity losses, overconsumption of natural resources--are painting a target on all our backs, not just the companies and people in his state. Continuing to push off addressing these issues, as the EPA endangerment finding is a solid first step in doing, only will make it worse.

Also filing petitions on Tuesday challenging the EPA were the National Association of Manufacturers, the American Petroleum Institute, and the National Petrochemical and Refiners Association.

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