Texas Really Does Get Coal In Its Stocking

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It's almost 2010 and the question for all is will this be the year that the US puts a price on carbon? I sure hope so because we need a serious price to provide the right disincentives to producers of new coal plants, like the one that just opened in Texas. Yes, the Longhorn state, a national leader in renewable energy production, especially from wind power, has welcomed a new carbon belching coal plant in Oak Grove, just outside of Houston.Luminant announced today that the first of its two 800-megawatt coal-fired units is now online. The company said the plants have the latest technology to control for nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter and mercury emissions. Guess they forgot about good old CO2.

The two plants will cost $3.25 billion, and will produce enough uice for more than 1.15 million Texas homes.

The plant breaks the streak of new new coal across the country in 2009. The Sierra Club, which has put together perhaps the most successful and sophisticated coal campaign on the planet, should take much of the credit. In a press release, they cite a "combination of widespread public opposition, rising costs, increasing financial risks and concerns over future carbon regulations" as the reasons for no new coal.

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