Texans In Conservation Standoff

In Texas, the San Antonio Business Journal is reporting that:- "Environmentalists are arguing Texas could meet its growing electric power needs without building new power plants by relying more heavily on energy efficiency and renewable energy."

"Two reports commissioned by Environmental Defense also claim this could be done while creating an estimated 38,300 new jobs in the state over the next 15 years. Texas consumers could also save $37 billion on their electric bills over that same period. The reports were produced by the Washington-based American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy on behalf of Environmental Defense."

"The group argues that most of these savings can be achieved at the local level by municipalities either by adopting stricter building codes or encouraging homeowners to invest in energy-efficient structures."

If Texas is as conservative as they say, this should work. The full press release from ACEEE is here. Full report in pdf format is here.

Via:: San Antonio Business Journal, "Texas could cut electric bills by billions through energy efficiency, study shows." Image credit::Texas Politics

Texans In Conservation Standoff

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