Terrapass Unveils the Carbon Balanced Business

terrapass business logo

The folks at Terrapass have just unveiled their latest product aimed at making carbon offsetting accessible and easy for the masses. The Carbon Balanced Business is, in fact, an extension of work the company has already been doing with businesses and organizations to offset their footprint. Now, however, businesses of all sizes can offset their emissions by using a simple, easy to use carbon calculator that walks you through the various emissions-causing activities of your business, such as on-site electricity use, off-site server energy use, corporate travel, employee commutes, etc. The hope is that companies who previously have not considered offsetting due to the time and complication of auditing their impact will be able to quickly and efficiently calculate their carbon footprint and take steps to a)reduce it, and b) offset the rest. For more thoughts on carbon offsetting, check out our guide on How to Green Your Carbon Offsets, and if you are looking for more information on Terrapass in particular, take a look at our interview with VP of Marketing Adam Stein, or read up on Terrapass’ staff resolutions for 2008. ::Terrapass::via site visit::

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