TerraPass Offers Gift Certificates for Old Cell Phones

We all know that throwing old cell phones and PDAs in the garbage is sooo bad for the environment and recycling is obviously the only way to go. Now some of us are guilty of having them sit around the house, collecting dust in a large box (show of hands here?). I guess we’ve been waiting for the perfect recycling option and now, thanks to our friends at TerraPass, we’ve got a good one. They’ve partnered with a company called RIPMobile who recycles used cell phones and PDAs. RIPMobile are the leaders in their industry for environmental best practices and also happen to be the only carbon neutral company in their industry. Unlike many recyclers, RIPMobile will accept any used cell phone, regardless of economic value and will even pay your postage. RIPMobile handles all materials according to EPA standards and in compliance with the stringent requirements of the Basel Action Network. Through this new partnership, TerraPass will pay you in gift certificates for your old phones that can be applied to any of their products. Every cell phone has a value and my current LG, which will be expiring in a few months, is currently valued at $43! Thanks to Groovy Green for the tip! ::TerraPass