TerraPass Completes Public Comment Period, Implements Voluntary Carbon Offset Standard


Back in February, we reported that TerraPass had introduced a public comment technique. (See TerraPass Introduces New Carbon Offset Project Selection Method.)

'...similar to what green investment portfolio managers call a "positive screen." Instead of picking investments as a closed business matter, and then taking a drubbing for any faults that may surface, TerrPass is publicly jurying the choices up front. It's not perfect, of course, but certainly a step in a positive direction.'

The first public project comment period is now completed and TerraPass is working with the Voluntary Carbon Standard. From February 6 to March 8, 2008, TerraPass held a 30-day comment and stakeholder feedback period on five potential new carbon offset investments, including a project description, photos, and maps.

In total we got 17 substantive comments. We heard and responded to comments from customers and experts on both specific prospective projects and on project types...

As a result of these comments TerraPass committed to address more fully any environmental drawbacks of our projects when we publish our Project Information Reports. We also committed to emphasizing the importance of composting with each of our landfill projects. As we move forward through 2008, TerraPass is scheduled to present about 20 new potential clean energy projects for public feedback. To learn more about what we heard and how we answered, please find attached a summary of the responses and the feedback we gave.
For more information on the specific projects that were under comment go to the website.

To see the actual comment response report, look here.

Via::TerraPass Image credit:Turn & Screen Company, Commercial Compost Windrow Turner


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