TerraPass and Expedia Partner to Sell Flight Offsets

Well, Gristmill beat us to the scoop on this one, but it's good enough news to spread around: CO2 offsets seller TerraPass has announced a partnership with Expedia, one of the web's top travel sites, to offer Flight Terrapasses to Expedia customers when they book their flights. As David Roberts at Gristmill notes, this is a big step forward in making the purchase of travel offsets much easier for consumers that want to lighten their carbon footprint. According to Terrapass's blog:
The co-marketed Flight TerraPass comes at three purchase levels: 1,000 lbs of CO2 for $5.99; 2,500 lbs of CO2 for $16.99; and 5,000 lbs of CO2 for $29.99, enough to balance about 2,200 miles; 6,500 miles; and 13,000 miles of flying, respectively. ...

To buy a Flight TerraPass through Expedia, you just book a ticket as you normally would, and look for us on the "Customize your trip" page under the heading of "Featured Activities & Services." You can also buy a TerraPass through Expedia separately from your plane ticket by clicking on the "Activities" tab and selecting dates and a destination.

While this isn't the first attempt at co-branding offsets with another product or service, recent news about the climate impact of air travel ought to make this Expedia option quite popular with environmentally-conscious travelers. As the competition in the offsets market is getting fierce, we wouldn't be at all surprised to see other major travel sites follow suit. ::Terrablog via Gristmill via Hugg