Terracycle's Waste to Profit Story Creates Media Buzz

Terracycle's Upcycling Captures Mainstream Imagination
We've covered the genius of Terracycle plenty of times before. Lloyd got excited about their 'sponsored waste' program, which offers money to schools for collecting trash, which is later 'upcycled' into everything from flowerpots to plant food. It seems like we're not the only ones to get excited. For me, the important thing about the above video is not just the fact that a company like Terracycle can get mainstream attention, but it's the genuine enthusiasm and excitement in journalists faces as they start to think outside the box (pardon the cliche/pun).

Because that's what companies like Terracycle really offer - a shining example of how creativity, drive, and a willingness to look beyond business as usual can help to turn 'garbage' into resources, and create jobs and prosperity in the process. Just what we need at a time like this.

Check out the links below for some other companies offering creative recycling for these troubled times, and share your own suggestions in the comments below.

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