Tennessee Valley Authority Would Be Exempt From US House Energy Bill, Renewables Mandate


How ironic that the TVA, long ago created by the US Congress to bring electricity to the rural South and encourage economic development, now serves a constituency that wishes to be excluded from incentives to develop more cost-effective, clean forms of energy. Maybe they think that climate change only applies 'to the rest of the country'.

"The Tennessee Valley Authority and its distributors are exempt from a key requirement of the energy legislation adopted Saturday by the U.S. House of Representatives. But the Chattanooga-based trade group that lobbies for TVA's distributors and the co-chairman of the TVA Congressional Caucus still opposed the measure. The House voted 220-190 for an amendment to require by 2020 that at least 15 percent of the electricity sold by most utilities must come from renewable sources, including wind, solar and biofuels. U.S. Reps. Tom Udall, D-N.M., and Todd Platts, R-Pa., co sponsors of the amendment, said the measure would help America's energy independence and cut emissions of greenhouse gases linked to global warming. But to gain majority support, the amendment excluded public power agencies, including TVA, municipal utilities such as EPB in Chattanooga or electric co-ops such as the North Georgia Electric Membership Corp. " Via:: Chattanooga Times Free Press Image credit:: Hydrogen Commerce

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