Ten of the World's Most Beautiful Green Buildings

The Oakland Cathedral of Christ of Light is a stunning example of eco-architecture photo

The UK's Guardian newspaper has caught our attention before with some stunning sustainability-oriented slideshows, including this challenge to Cute Overload. Their latest effort, in conjunction with TreeHugger favorites Inhabitat, is an impressive collection of some of the most dramatic and iconic images in sustainable architectue. Included are the Oakland Cathedral of Christ of Light which, appropriately enough, uses natural daylighting to maximum effect. Also featured are Dubai's Jumeira Gardens project (for a flipside of Dubai's construction boom, check out Lloyd's post on dubious Dubai) and something called Life Pods. Unsurprisingly, given the format, there's a strong bias towards dramatic concept buildings, over practical everyday architecture like Brad Pitt's New Orleans homes, but we are always happy to see folks taking sustainability to the cutting edge. For more beautiful pictures, click below the fold for a photo of the solar and wind powered Le Project Triangle in Paris, or click over to The Guardian to view the whole green architecture slideshow.

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