Ten Ideas to Save the World

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If you have not yet drastically changed your lifestyle to combat global warming, you are probably in the "human ingenuity will save our butts" camp. Now you have a chance to see if the the best ideas that could save the world live up to your expectations. The Guardian Newspaper put the world's top innovators to a "Dragon's Den" style trial and we give you the run down on what they found. Who are the Dragons in this den? The Guardian brought together a panel of judges:

  • Lord Bingham, the former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales
  • Bryony Worthington, an advisor and policy expert on climate change to the British Government
  • Dan Reicher, a Californian based director of Google
  • Chris Goodall, author of several major books on climate change and a freelance journalist.

The Ten Finalists
Many of the ideas may have seemed crazy at one time, but are quickly becoming routine suggestions and even commercially viable. These include harvesting marine energy, ceramic fuel cells, solar concentrators, and geothermal energy.

Some of the proposals focus on getting technological solutions to where they are needed most, such as efficient cooking stoves and universal family planning access.

Falling under the "better mousetrap" rubric are projects like Thorium reactors, biochar, and carbon capture and storage.

We are happy that our friend Tony Lovell made it into the top ten for his wholistic approach to carbon sequestration by cattle grazing. Tony makes his case for your vote: "We were the only ones dealing with both past and future emissions. All other finalists are dealing with technological solutions to reduce future emissions, or on the social aspects of the problem."

Don't forget to VOTE for your favorite.

The Should-Have-Beens
Too bad we weren't judging. Rosemary Randall's program of Carbon Conversations to achieve a new "social norm of tiny footprints" strikes us as worthy of support.

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