Ten Canadian Companies that Think Green


The Financial Post doesn't believe in global warming, and hosts every denier who ever lived on its editorial page, but that doesn't stop it from profiling ten companies that are trying to make a difference.

Some we have seen in TreeHugger, like Iogen with its straw to ethanol process; TIR, maker of the Lexel, VRB Power's Vanadium batteries, and the Green Goat hybrid locomotive.

Then there are others that are new to TH, like Paradigm's Microsludge (hey, we thought that was software) "patented waste activated sludge (WAS) pre-treatment system that improves the performance of anaerobic digesters at wastewater treatment plants;" Whale Power, that makes a more efficient turbine, Enwave, that cools Toronto with lakewater, and Hydrogen Link, that develops metal hydride hydrogen storage systems. Not online at ::Financial Post

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