Teensy Solar Robots, Non-Organic Bread Cooties, Humans at the Zoo (as the display), and a Whole Lot More

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Each week we're bringing you some of our favorite posts from our friends over at Boing Boing. Enjoy!
Tiny, tiny solar robots These are some of the smallest solar powered robots we've ever seen.

The world from an animal's eyes Check out videos from the perspective of our animal cousins, thanks to the Museum of Animal Perspectives.

London buses have an eye on you This London bus takes the fun and comfort right out of green transportation.

Organic bread...can it get cooties? Are you worried that non-organic bread will give your organic bread cooties just by going in the same slicer?

Tim Anderson and his trash-to-treasure art This MAKE columnist shows off his DIY side on NPR recently.

Human lives in a library Trying to chronicle human experiences is a big task, but check out the progress made so far in this great essay.

Maker Faire in Africa We're big Maker Faire fans around these parts! Check out the latest Faire in Africa.

Rad rainwater lamp from hacked materials All it takes is some Ikea fiberoptics and a watering can to hack a lamp that looks like it's raining light.

Humans at the zoo...on display, that is What happens when we humans are the animals on display?

Piranhas in Indiana Aren't those supposed to be a whole lot farther south??

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