Ted Turner's Journey Into The Heart of Darkness

This past week, Dow Jones News (subscription only) covered Ted Turner's Wednesday talk to a Houston World Affairs Council gathering, characterizing his invited speech as an effort to "rally the oil patch on the need to take immediate action to counter global warming." The DJ report went on:- " Wednesday marked Turner's most prominent appearance on the topic in Houston, which is often considered the global energy capital because of its central role in the power and petroleum industries". Unsurprisingly, DJ pointed out, "Some other leading companies, including Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM), didn't send representatives". The Houston Chronicle gave more in-depth coverage, in a story titled In a rush for renewables . The money quotes: "What we need is a moratorium on all new coal plants, on all new carbon-producing energy power technologies, and work on replacing them with renewable alternatives," the billionaire founder of CNN said Wednesday" "The days of fossil fuels as a fuel are over," he told a packed ballroom over lunch at the Hotel Intercontinental. "It's just a matter of how soon everybody recognizes it.""

Per the Chronicle, and to their credit, BP and Marathon Oil sponsored the session.

Maybe if we formed a TreeHugger's World Affairs Council we could get an interview too. But then again, a visit to the Heart Of Green-ness wouldn't provide the slap upside the head energy investors need. Wishing we were there anyway--- Bravo Ted!

Image credit: BSG News.

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