Ted Turner Talking Solar on CNBC


Ted Turner, best known by many as "the Mouth from the South" and the guy who founded CNN and 24-hour cable news, sat down yesterday with CNBC to talk about his latest venture: alternative energy. The entrepreneur and philanthropist is out of AOL-Time Warner and investing his time, energy and money in what he says will be "the biggest business opportunity that the world has ever seen". He's invested in a New Jersey-based company called DT Solar because he wants to do his part to help fight global warming, but also because he thinks it's a good investment; he adds, "It's going to create the biggest employment opportunities" to his business opportunities statement above. While the folks at CNBC are more concerned with how much money he's lost and given away (he says about $1.5 billion) and how much he still has (about $1 billion) and less concerned with the technology itself, it's good to see Turner putting his money where his mouth is. Check out a couple of videos from yesterday's broadcast and read more about his burgeoning interest in green technology. ::CNBC