TED Talk: Transition Founder on Peak Oil, Resilience and Sustainability (Video)

rob hopkins oil photo

Image credit: TED

From 13th Century computers to Majora Carter's powerful argument for environmental justice, TED talks are always a wonderful source of inspiration and education. This latest is no exception, as Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Towns Movement, explores peak oil, the end of the oil age, and how resilience differs from sustainability. For those who have followed Treehugger's coverage of Transition, including an interview with Rob Hopkins and posts on community-lead peak oil activism, there is little that is groundbreakingly new in this video. But it is a useful primer on the Transition approach of positive grassroots action. And it is, I think, another sign that Alex Steffen got it way wrong when he described Rob Hopkins as exhibiting "a casual eagerness for the death of others."

Perhaps most illuminating is Rob's take on the difference between sustainability and resilience. We must, as he says, build 'surge breakers' into our culture if we want to create strong, lasting communities in the face of coming challenges. Transition groups are just one way of doing that.

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