TechSoup Gives Non-Profits Green Resources

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Going green tends to save green. That’s a notion quicky learned by big businesses in this economic crunch. Non-profits have always been on the prowl for ways to reduce expenses. Now, TechSoup, a tech info and education resource for non-profits, is helping out by giving green resources through their newly launched GreenTech Initiative. The GreenTech Initiative aims to help non-profits adjust their operations to save money, energy, and resources. Their current challenge for users is reducing the use of paper. TechSoup gives five recommendations for taking action, plus a ton of resources, and through the month of November non-profits are encouraged to act on the recommendations. Groups that participate can share how they managed to reduce paper use, and can win a free MyFax account for 5 years.

One step TechSoup could take to help out is to address this minor issue:

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Of course, that might be a trick to test which non-profits are catching on to skipping the "Print This" buttons.

Other aspects of the GreenTech Initiative include how to get refurbished IT equipment, reuse and recycling advice, virtualization advice, and how to green an office.

As more large organizations like TechSoup embrace going green and help other groups to do the same, the faster we can move towards sustainable business practices being the norm, not the exception.

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