Taxi Driver Severs Cyclists' Leg in Violent Hit-and-Run

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There, but for the grace of God, go I
- John Bradford

As more people ride bikes, there are more "interactions" between cyclists and motorists. We previously covered Leah's fight over a beef pattie in Kensington Market, and more recently No Impact Man's impact with a senator; they both walked away. However last night in Toronto, a cyclist had a loud argument with a cab driver and the next thing residents heard was a sickening crunch and a man screaming for help- the cabbie rammed the cyclist against a pole and severed his leg. Doctors couldn't fix it and the leg was amputated.

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The cabbie took off and then three hours later called police and said he was defending himself against a robbery attempt. From a guy on a bike? Using the rear end of your car in reverse to defend yourself? And whenever people talk about how bicyclists contribute to their own demise, look at the difference, a couple of dents vs a leg. A cyclist may be wrong to get angry (neighbours say there was arguing) but that doesn't mean he should get dead.

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I have cycled on that stretch of Dovercourt Road in Toronto many times. It is a narrow street with two way traffic and parking permitted on the west side. Unlike almost every other intersection in Toronto there is no stop sign at Argyle. I am often nervous negotiating it between Dundas and Queen because of these concerns.

As Constable Burrows put it: "We're trying to determine the sequence of events and how this escalated from the sound of voices to what we have right now, a male in hospital with fairly significant injuries fighting for his life."

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The Globe and Mail quotes a student at the lovely cafe on the corner.

Many local residents quickly categorized the incident as a violent manifestation of the animosity between car drivers and bicycle riders in Canada's largest city. "This speaks to how badly cyclists get treated," said John Rodgers, a 24-year-old University of Toronto student who came to the Luna Cafe yesterday, and was stunned to hear what had taken place just hours before. "It's an extreme case, but it shows you the tensions."

How about doing something to reduce those tensions. How about putting black box recorders in taxis, decent north/south bike lanes, one way streets where they are not wide enough to accommodate such traffic, and building a bike-friendly city. And maybe some anger management courses at Beck Taxi.

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Taxi Driver Severs Cyclists' Leg in Violent Hit-and-Run
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