Tara Lynn Makes Wedding Gowns And Wearable Art

Tara Lynn Wedding Gown Photo
Tara Lynn Wedding Gown Photo
Tara Lynn Wedding Gown Photo

Image source: Tara Lynn Studios

For the eco-conscious bride-to-be comes Tara Lynn, maker of hemp and hemp/silk wedding gowns. You won't find Tara Lynn in typical bridal shops, as these are each individually hand-made. The gowns start from the basic shape of a wedding gown (think: A-line, poof skirt), but thats about all they have in common. Many of the dresses have a parade of butterflies dancing across the skirt, or a shower of flowers across the neckline, or even a collage of shiny, sparkly bangles (each of which are recycled) gracing the beltline.

Wedding gowns are not the only thing you will find at her studio. Lynn has also branched out to include jackets, blazers and coats featuring distinct butterfly, elephant, frog and wild cat appliques on the back. Each of these has a trendy cut across the front of the coat, and a hand-stitched animal scene on the back, but don't worry, the stitching is beautifully done and doesn't look like a giant animal with bug-eyes staring back at you. Both the jackets and wedding gowns are blend of sustainable materials and recycled materials, including both the fabric and the accents.The studio, housed in a barn in Vermont, is completely run on solar electricity. Fabric, materials, decorations and jewelry has all be recovered from years of yard-sale shopping and is stored on shelves, just waiting to become the next accent on some bright-eyed brides' wedding gown.

Tara Lynn has been designing and hand-making her own creations since she was little, but she didn't officially launch and open her own studio until 2005. Each of her gowns are designed and inspired by endangered species, and like many eco-fashion groups, Tara Lynn gives back by donating five percent of every purchase to organizations protecting endangered species. A few of the lucky organizations include the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, The National Wildlife Federations FrogWatch USA, and the World Wildlife Federation.

The wedding gowns are classy enough for a wedding, but diverse enough that they can be re-worn to a formal event or any other activity you can think of to "green" that dress. You don't have to be in Vermont to get a Tara Lynn gown - each one is made so that your local tailor can easily alter it to fit you perfectly for the perfect day. Jacket sizing runs from XS-XL, but as each one is individually designed, you'll have to contact Tara Lynn Studios directly for orders and pricing information.

Don't worry fellas, Tara Lynn can meet your wedding needs by custom making hemp suits, dress shirts and pants. Call Tara Lynn for ordering and pricing info. You can catch Tara Lynn at fashion events all over the east coast, see her online schedule to see the gowns in person.

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