Take the 350.org Strategy Survey and Help Transform the Climate Change Debate

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photo: 350.org

In case you don't have it marked on your calendar, there are 100 days left (or thereabouts, you may not be reading this on the 100th day itself) until October 24th, when the 350.org campaign storms to world, hoping to transform the climate change debate away from narrow politics and towards a planet with a future. (Their words.) And they want your help in making that transformation by completing a short survey, it's only eight questions long:In summing up why every person with even a hint of green consciousness needs to be involved, 350.org's Bill McKibben really nails the situation we're facing (thought he wouldn't?...),

Remember--we're not an organization exactly, we're more of an open source campaign--so we rely on the help of friends and allies all over the world. We're working with everyone from established environmental organizations to local schools. And we're part of a big coalition, TckTckTck, that will be sponsoring all kinds of activity beginning in September to build this movement.

And a movement is exactly what we need, because too many politicians are talking about taking the easy way out, negotiating an international climate agreement that will do too little. World leaders are gathering this December in Copenhagen to hammer out a global climate agreement, but their latest targets call for holding temperature increases to two degrees Celsius.

So take the survey: 350.org Strategy Survey
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