Take Action: Tell Hillary Clinton to Stop Tar Sands Pipeline Into US

hillary clinton tar sands cartoon photo

image: ForestEthics

Despite efforts to use carbon capture and storage as a distraction, there's no getting around the massive environmental impact of Canada's tar sands: At least 5 times the carbon emissions as conventional oil, huge water pollution problems, boreal deforestation, etc. etc. etc... Not to mention that the US has shown no inclination to take a stand against potentially tapping into this energy source. ForestEthics would like that to change and is urging Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to act:The San Francisco-based organization says that because Clinton possesses the authority to issue permits for all pipelines crossing into the United States, and that several proposals are on the table—the Alberta Clipper pipeline into Minnesota and Wisconsin is up for approval in two weeks' time—she can personally take a strong pro-environment, pro-climate stand.

Aaron Sanger of ForestEthics:

Secretary Clinton can protect our national interest by stopping Canadian pipelines for the world’s dirtiest oil. Future generations are counting on her to support our clean energy future: every state in the union has made investments that would be compromised by increasing dependence on dirty fossil fuels.

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