Take Action: Join With 350.org To Take A Stand Against Offshore Drilling

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photo via 350.org

Treehugger has been all over President Obama's shocking announcement that he is willing to trade opening up more offshore drilling for support of a climate bill. Brian Merchant did a great run down earlier today that highlighted the breadth of Obama's move--the East Coast, Gulf and Alaska will all be open for business for Big Oil. Many greens are feeling let down and confused, but take heart that some environmental groups are organizing efforts to express outrage. The incomparable 350.org, the group behind some of the largest climate mobilizations in history, invited its activists today to send a letter to President Obama or call the White House to express their outrage.I talked to 350's May Boeve this afternoon and she told me that she was skeptical of the idea that further opening up our coasts to more drilling would win the support of Senators previously against strong climate action.

"It's difficult to see how this move placates climate skeptics or those opposed to regulations to reduce global warming causing emissions. After all, the oil companies already have access to huge amounts of land to drill and are funding these opponents of action. The additional revenues from drilling will only increase the coffers of the industry working to stop legislation."

350 is inviting people to join a Facebook group to protest the decision. 350's action alert is here. It reads:

Earlier today, President Obama announced a significant expansion of offshore drilling--it's a move that is bad for the climate, bad for our coastal areas, and will not lead the United States towards energy independence.

Choosing to drill offshore is a huge concession to the oil companies, and a symbolic step away from a carbon-free future--a future with a safe climate, a future at 350. Let's join together and let President Obama (and Senators from many of the affected states) know that we're paying attention, and we're outraged.

Take 2 minutes to send a letter and take a stand -- together, we can deliver the call from tens of thousands of people accross the country that offshore drilling is not a solution.

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