Take a 10-Minute Test Drive in the Tesla Roadster: Video

Tesla Roadster Photo

Photo via: Mike Weston

Lyle Dennis of GM-Volt.com and AllCarsElectric.com is the first journalist to get his hands on the Tesla Roadster in the city of Manhattan. Join him as he takes us along for a drive showing us its quirks, conveniences, spaceship-like sounds, neck snapping acceleration, ease of charging, and then appropriately concludes by dropping by a gas station to get the reaction of the attendant as he tries to find the fuel door.

This video really gives me a case of the I wannas!
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Other Tesla News
In other news, the Model S is said to go on sale in 2011. It is expected to sell for about $60,000, but if you're willing to shell out some bucks early in the venture, Tesla is claiming that they'll give you a $10,000 discount "as a gesture of gratitude".

The price for admission for a roadster right now is about $109,000, but even if you had that chunk of change between your couch cushions, there has still only been about 200 cars produced, among a waiting list of more than 1,000. With that said, it does indeed look like Tesla should be out of the red in profit margins by mid-2009.

That combined with some aid from Uncle Sam, should place them in a much better position than the Big Three, whose future is still unknown. Tesla has requested $350 million to retrofit its Model S factory, as well as another $100,000 for a battery supply business.

These numbers are a drop in the bucket compared to the billions each of the big Three is hoping for as part of the $25 billion to retool U.S. factories in order to make more fuel-efficient vehicles. Tesla, which already has dealers in Menlo Park and Los Angeles, is looking to open showrooms in Chicago and London, with New York, Miami, Seattle and Munich not too far behind!

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